Jaw Line Slimming

Soften, smooth and slim your face shape

Jaw Line Slimming

The square jaw can actually look good on some men. But it's a different matter if it's the demure feminine jaw line that you are looking for.

The squarer appearance of the face is generally due to an increase in the size of the masseter (jaw line) muscles that results in a widening of the jaw line. In some cases this can be a genetic trait or it can be due to bruxism, a condition characterised by teeth grinding and excessive clenching of the jaw.

With advanced techniques and specialised use of Botulinum Toxin (Botox® or Azzalure) the strength and size of the masseter muscle can be reduced giving a softer angle at the jaw, a less square jaw and a more youthful oval face.

The procedure has no downtime and patients generally notice softening of the masseter muscle at one week and softening of the jaw line at around 6-8 weeks. To maintain the results six monthly treatments are normally recommended.