Pain Free, Hair Free

An end to unwanted hair!

Treatment Info

What is Soprano XL SHR?

Soprano XL is a leading, world class revolutionary new laser Super Hair Removal (SHR) system that is officially approved by the United States FDA as “pain free.”

Soprano XL combines the best laser for hair removal, the industry:-”GOLD STANDARD” features of 810nm diode with an exclusive ‘in motion’ approach which can deliver fast, unsurpassed results more safely than other lasers and usually in less treatments.

How does it work?

The Soprano Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser system gradually heats the hair follicles in the subdermal layer of your skin using pulses of infrared diode laser energy until they can no longer produce new hair.

The unique, IN-Motion™ technology enables a much wider area to be treated more quickly than ever before and eliminates any missed areas, common with other types of laser. In addition, a patented DualChill™ mechanism ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable throughout your treatment.

Watch Soprano Pain Free Hair Free in action!

Which body areas can be treated?

Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ is perfect for any area of the body – including more sensitive areas like the face, neck and bikini area.

How do I know it really won't hurt?

Most people find the Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatment very comfortable, similar to a “hot stone massage”, especially when compared to other hair removal methods and lasers. This is one of few laser hair removal procedures where numbing cream is not necessary. Pain is subjective, however, so if you find it otherwise please let us know so we can adjust your treatment accordingly.

Safe for all skin types

The Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatment is safe for all skin types, hair types and any hair with colour anywhere on the body – including more sensitive areas like the face and bikini area. It can even be used on tanned skin. We recommend however that you are not actively tanning at the time of your treatment.

Preparing for the treatment

Prior to any treatment you will have a full consultation with one of our specialist Aesthetic Nurses. A pre-treatment test patch will then be carried out so that the laser parameters are matched to your skin and hair type ensuring no unexpected skin reactions occur during your full treatment.

For more information regarding The Process (including pre and post treatment advice), click here.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, a course of 6 treatments, at 6 week intervals, is adequate to provide permanent hair reduction. The number of treatments required however can vary depending on hair density, hair colour, skin type, the area being treated and your hair growth. In turn, the density of your hair and its growth depend on other factors such as age, hormones, medication and your ethnic background. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Why do I need repeat treatments?

Hair growth occurs in 4 stages: Early Anagen (early hair growth), Anagen (active hair growth) Catagen (regression) Telogen (resting, not growing). Laser treatment only affects hair follicles that are actively producing hair at the time of treatment; resting follicles must enter the growth phase before they can be effectively treated. For this reason the treatment must be repeated until all the hair follicles have passed through the growth phase.

Will my hair ever grow back?

Actively growing hairs that are treated should not grow back. Once a hair follicle is damaged it cannot grow hair. However, hair follicles that did not enter the active growth phase at the time of your treatment will still need to be treated. It is therefore not unusual for patients to have a touch-up treatment 6-12 months after the initial treatment. Patients experiencing hormonal changes may also require touch up treatments from time to time.

Is it safe?

Laser hair removal is the most popular aesthetic procedure performed annually. Hair removal is one of the aesthetic medical industry’s most well-known and researched uses of lasers and the Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ treatment has provided safe and effective permanent hair reduction for thousands of patients worldwide. Because Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ utilises IN-MOTION™ and low-heat settings, the Soprano XL is able to provide a level of safety unlike any other laser hair removal procedure.